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Otech-Engage the Future

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Otech Water Softeners provide complete protection from hard water scaling. Systems are available in Stainless Steel & Frp, Manual and Automatic functions. 

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Water storage for domestic usage has been conventionally dependent on Plastics and Concrete tanks since ages. The Plastics and concrete tanks result in a lot of unhealthy, unaesthetic and inefficient woes for domestic water. It is apparent to say, In the modern and responsible living, conventional tanks are becoming a thing of the past!

We at Otech bring to you the most revolutionary and modern solution for domestic water storage.

Otech ensures our tanks exude finesse, strength and high functionality. All tanks individually undergo rigorous quality checks and testings prior to dispatch, We choose the best of materials, world class workmanship and most modern state of art manufacturing process to deliver highest quality water storage.

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highest grade stainless steel

Unlike plastic tanks, Otech is made from 100% highest grade stainless steel. Stainless Steel provides extreme longevity and strength to the tank, being rust free and inert to harsh weather conditions.

Apart from the aesthetical superiority, Otech tanks include numerous functional advantages vis-à-vis conventional water storage. The strength of steel and steel's innate hygienic properties for liquids storage can now be enjoyed in our domestic water.

The OTECH Advantage

ECO Friendly

Otech Tanks are made from recyclable stainless steel, having least ecological footprint and prolonged life.


The steel used in Otech tanks is medical grade stainless steel, delivering unsurpassed strength, hygiene and durability.

Easy Clean Mechanism

With a unique dish shaped bottom, Otech tanks allow easy cleaning of your tank with just an opening of valve!

Thermal Control

Otech tanks are insulated from ambient temperature making them state-of-art thermally controlled, reducing heating costs in winters and comfortable water in summers.

No Harmful Chemicals

Unlike plastic tanks, no harmful chemicals are used in the Otech tanks. Chemicals from plastics absorbed by human body are a cause of host of disorders ranging from hormonal, immunological to cancerous.


The age of black plastic tanks is over, Your beautiful house requires an elegant look of stainless steel in matte and mirror finish.



  • Otech tanks are made of finest grade stainless steel used in medical equipments, eliminating any possibility of rust or deterioration.
  • Steel being a non-porous material is repellant to bacterial colonies, thus reducing bacterial contamination.
  • Steel being 100% resistant to UV and light prevents algae & slime formation.
  • The weather proof steel does not fades or weakens with time unlike plastics.
  • Each tank comes with a water level sensor to automate your borewell/lifting pumps.
  • Unique dish end shaped bottom helps the last drop to drain while cleaning, giving easy and complete cleaning of tank with switching "ON" of a valve.
  • PUF insulation to maintain water temperature inside the tank irrespective of climatic temperatures.
  • High quality copper & steel fittings for easy and durable connections.

We have capacities suited for diverse usage needs

Capacities We Offer

Otech Tank

500 L Otech SS Insulated Water Tank

1500 L Otech SS Insulated Water Tank

2000 L Otech SS Insulated Water Tank

3000 L Otech SS Insulated Water Tank

5000 L Otech SS Insulated Water Tank

10000 L Otech SS Insulated Water Tank

In Steel, We Trust


Otech tanks added a distinct beauty to our house unlike our old plastic tanks, and i can be assured of using safe and clean water. Highly recommended

Som Sharma

Som Sharma

We were always wary of our tanks hygiene, with Otech's easy clean mechanism our tanks are unbelievably clean and fresh. Excellent Product

Amir Ali

Amir Ali

I never wanted to compromise on water quality for my home, after exploring almost every option in the country, I can confidently say Otech Tanks are the best tanks available in the country in quality and aesthetics alike.

Sudhir Kolte

Sudhir Kolte

Wow Product!!

Anshul Gupta

Anshul Gupta


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frequently asked questions

Otech tanks are made up of highest quality insulated stainless steel, Stainless steel along with the unique bottom shape of Otech tanks allows cleanest water, while insulation maintains the water temperature unlike conventional tanks.
This depends on the quality of input water, but we still suggest draining (and subsequent cleaning) once every week for best results.
Otech tanks uses high density PUF insulation, which is present between the two layers of steel. This helps to protect the stored water from climatic temperatures. PUF insulation is the most widely used insulation material, used in refrigerators etc. owing to which the water remains under comfortable temperatures even in extreme climatic conditions.
Installing an Otech Tank is as easy as it could get. We provide threaded fittings in our tanks, which can be easily attached to your pipeline by a regular plumber. The water level sensor is pre installed and requires an easy wiring with your borewell if you wish to connect.
Stainless Steel is one of the most inert metals with no chemicals or additives unlike plastics. Also Otechtanks have a unique dish shaped bottom, with a drain valve at the bottom-most position. This allows water & subsequent impurities to be drained out to the last drop without the need of professional cleaning services as in conventional tanks. The cleaning of the tank is just a matter of opening a valve!
Plastics as we all know, is one of the gravest threat to ecology. Millions of metric tons of plastic is never recycled and pollute land, water and air. Further the tendency of plastic to leach harmful chemicals into water when hot causes hormonal and toxicological problems in human body. The temperature of water in plastic tanks too make it extremely uncomfortable for usage in extreme climatic conditions.
Otech believes in providing only the best quality to our customers, the inside layer steel we use is SS 316, which is considered as the gold standard in liquids handling. The outer layer of tank, which is not in contact with water is SS 304 grade.
We are located in Chattisgarh, the steel capital of the country. But are serving customers Pan-India. Feel free to contact our sales representative for further details.

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