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Say NO to Plastic Tanks

Is your plastic tank poisoning your water?

Say No to Plastic Tanks

Plastic water storage tanks are commonly available in the local markets and are used for the storage of drinking water across the country. The annual production of these water storage tanks is increasing and has more than doubled in the last 15 years. Plastics are manufactured from petroleum involving many chemicals, many of which have not been sufficiently tested for their toxicological impact on humans or animals. Even after their serviceable life has ended, there is still a big hunk of plastic that will take generations to break down and will release toxins as it does so.

However, lack of awareness and adequate knowledge about the toxicity caused by the plastic and synthetic chemicals used in these tanks has raised serious concerns. Plastic tanks are also difficult to recycle or dispose off in a safe and ecological manner.

Plastics often leech component chemicals, including hazardous chemicals, through common temperature changes. It is for this reason that toxicologists do not recommend storing very cold foods in plastics or heating foods in plastics. In addition, the wisdom of storing drinking water in a container made from chemicals has yet to be proven. Another major disadvantage of a plastic tank is that it absorbs heat and raises the temperature of the water. Warm water encourages the growth of algae, supports bacteria, and unpleasant tastes.


OTECHTECH bring to you the most revolutionary and modern solution for domestic water storage - 100% Safe Drinking Water

Otech Tanks

Unlike plastic tanks, Otech is made from 100% highest grade stainless steel. Stainless Steel provides extreme longevity and strength to the tank, being rust free and inert to harsh weather conditions.

The steel used in Otech tanks is medical grade stainless steel, delivering unsurpassed strength, hygiene and durability. Otech tanks being 100% resistant to UV and light prevents algae & slime formation. Otech tanks does not fades or weakens with time unlike plastics.

With a unique dish shaped bottom, Otech tanks allow easy cleaning of your tank with just an opening of valve!

Otech tanks are insulated from ambient temperature making them state-of-art thermally controlled, reducing heating costs in winters and comfortable water in summers.

Unlike plastic tanks, no harmful chemicals are used in the Otech tanks. Chemicals from plastics absorbed by human body are a cause of host of disorders ranging from hormonal, immunological to cancerous.

The age of black plastic tanks is over, Your beautiful house requires an elegant look of stainless steel in matte and mirror finish.